Datum Freeze

Datum Freeze allows for constant temperature monitoring in industrial freezers  to provide critical alerts that enable corrective action when equipment outages occur. In addition, the intelligent layer on top ensures longevity as well as quality improvement of the produce.

Lightweight & Portable

Temperature Range

Waterproof & Rugged (IP66)

Humidity Range

Mobile Data

Storage Memory

Long-lasting Battery

Pressure Range


Sensitivity Tracking

How does it works?

Machine data collects and analyses data for the farmer. Combined with efficient weather forecast, the data significantly improves the results and decreases dependence on natural parameters.

Route optimisation for the vehicle

Idle time and halt chart for the driver

Real-time data monitoring, automated reporting, and predictive analytics

Promptly send failure alerts

Transmit the aggregated data to servers

Product Specification


Touch IC  IT7220  G+F
Touch type full touch
Motor flat motor
Screen 1.3inch, TFT  IPSwhole perspective
Resolution 240*240
Flash 64M
Blutooth BLE4.0
Bluetooth antenna On-board antenna
Battery type polymer
Battery capacity 150mAh
Charge mode Magnetic charge


Temperature BP
ECG Blood oxygen monitor
Heartbeat Sleep monitoring
Movement ( Steps / Distance / Calorie) Sedentary reminder