Datum Smart Door

Smart Door helps remotely monitors and guards your home wherever you are. visitors can also be granted with a passcode for temporary access.

Long-lasting Battery

Sensitivity Tracking

Mobile Data


Storage Memory

How does it works?

The access can be driven by your smart phone allowing for anywhere anytime control of your home. Level alert mechanism to be set to keep your home or workspace safe.

Easily accessible dashboard

Dashboard is easily accessible from mobile and desktop for easy monitoring

Real time entry / exit timing​

Level alerts

Get level alerts on crossing threshold or when levels are low to take immediate action

Anytime logs

Complete logs of tank activity helps in understanding the situation anytime

Realtime data

Realtime data monitoring allows you to check it anytime

Product Specification


Touch IC  IT7220  G+F
Touch type full touch
Motor flat motor
Screen 1.3inch, TFT  IPSwhole perspective
Resolution 240*240
Flash 64M
Blutooth BLE4.0
Bluetooth antenna On-board antenna
Battery type polymer
Battery capacity 150mAh
Charge mode Magnetic charge


Temperature BP
ECG Blood oxygen monitor
Heartbeat Sleep monitoring
Movement ( Steps / Distance / Calorie) Sedentary reminder