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Solstium digital marketing team prides itself in helping customers across
customers in building their online customer network.

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We strongly believe in working together and offer revenue share alternatives to all our customers.
True value of the website can be only derived when the entire value chain is worked upon. Solstium offers aholistic solution offering services like website building, website optimization, content creation, photography and campaign designs.

Below are some of the well known services uttilised by our customers:


Nurturing and bringing potential customers to your website via Social Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. This online marketing strategy offers a more precise targeting of customers.



  • Lookalike audience, interest-based targeting.
  • Explore and setup Instagram shopping
  • Segment site visitors – explorers, cart abandoned users, customers. Bespoke marketing strategy for each segment – different recency, frequency, creative, landing page, etc.


Paid Search (also known as Pay Per Click, PPC) is another form of Internet marketing strategy that places your website at the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) via a paid advertising channel.



  • Brand and Non-Brand PPC (generic and competitor keywords)

  • Optimizable using bid strategies, Dynamic Search Ads, Responsive Search Ads, Dynamic Keyword Insertion, extensions, audience, etc

  • Landing Page tests, Remarketing List for Search Ads


Video Marketing is one of the most powerful engagement methods. This helps your business gain exposure through the distribution of compelling videos on channels like Facebook and YouTube. With video marketing, you can enjoy better brand exposure and high conversion rates.

Platforms :


  • Lookalike audience and targeted prospecting audience – Demographics, Interests, Behavior, cookie profiles

  • Direct deals with domains having enormous volume for a fixed CPM

  • YouTube campaigns – test the ads with CTA, brand uplift measurement


A lot can be gained by partnerships with market places and influencers. Influencer Marketing is a type of strategy that focuses marketing activities on influential people (eg. bloggers) in a target market. We also offer email marketing to improve your conversions multifold


Amazon and other marketplaces, Influencer marketing, Affiliates & Designrush


  • List Client in all the key marketplaces. Improve listings with better descriptions.
  • Follow best practices for Amazon marketing to stand-out among the 1000s of clothing brands.
  • Identify influencers to increase reach in niche groups.