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Current State:

With multiple business lines as well as growing channels for customer engagement, it is difficult to manage customer service. Support staff tends to spend too much time fighting customer service requests across platforms. Slow and disorganized response to customers has its negative impact on business growth. In order to cater the growth, there is a need for integrated customer service platform.

Proposed State: Increased and constantly increasing customer satisfaction. Agents focused on helping customers rather than collating data from multiple sources. Faster, more advanced self-service with agents working on the right issues. 360-degree view of the customer.

Ticket management

Ticket management

Cloud telephony

Chat bots


Integration with current systems

Companies that deliver stellar support using Freshworks

Industry accolades

Support Multiple Channels


Convert support emails into trackable tickets in your helpdesk that you can manage and resolve.


Engage, support, and retain customers through live chat.


Let customers raise tickets from your website and display related knowledge base articles as they type.


Set up a fully functional call center and record and track calls by converting them into tickets.

Social media

Integrate your company’s Facebook page, WhatsApp and Twitter handles and manage them from within the helpdesk.

Line (Custom Built)

Engage your customers instantly through Line and resolve their queries faster.

Handle enquiries from email, social media, chat, and phone in one place.

Have complete context of the customer issue, regardless of which channel they are contacting you from

  Convert chats into tickets

  Intelligent agent routing

  Set live-chat agent availability status

Virtual Call Centre

Manage calls and convert them into tickets to provide contextual customer support.

  Access call logs

  Capture context via notes

  Set agent availability status 

  Add new agents seamlessly to your account

  Temporarily disable the integration and have your agents work only on incoming emails during lean agent bandwidth

Social Media

Manage and monitor social mentions from Facebook and Twitter and convert them into tickets.

Like, retweet, and reply to comments from within Freshdesk

Chat Platforms

Integrate your business number with your account and support customers over chat platforms.

We support Messenger, WhatsApp and Line. Other popular apps can be added on request

Email and Website

Respond centrally to emails or queries from contact us page or bot on the website

Know exactly the page where customer is reaching out from to service her better


A knowledge-base for self service

Let customers help themselves and reduce the load of L1 queries on your support team with a highly customizable self-service portal.

Publish FAQs, help articles and videos on-the-fly

Automate repetitive tasks

Save time and effort by automating mundane tasks.

Prioritize, assign tickets to the right groups and execute actions on tickets with time or event triggered automation rules.

Auto -assign tickets to the right agents

Assign incoming tickets based on an agent’s skill, workload or in a round-robin fashion to divide workload efficiently.

Toggle agent availability across channels

Manage users and their availability across channels from a single unified dashboard

Agent assist bot 

Bots to guide agents in troubleshooting issues, to accelerate their learning and resolve issues quickly.

With central backbone, bot can be built on multiple social media, website and chat platforms.

Helps customers on chat with answers to questions from the knowledge base, without the need to interact with human agents.


Custom ticket views and quick actions

Switch between different custom views to see specific tickets.

Get the count of tickets in a view.

Swipe right on any ticket to perform quick actions.

Insert canned responses and solution articles

You can reply to tickets from the mobile app.

Insert canned responses and solution articles within a click.

Performing ticket actions

You can view ticket details, edit properties, and perform various actions in a ticket.

Share ownership of tickets

Share your ticket with another agent in the help desk to collaborate and extend seamless support to your customers.

Maximize visibility and share accountability between both stakeholders.

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Divide and conquer with Parent-child ticketing

Resolve a ticket with multiple action items faster by splitting them into child tickets that can be worked on parallelly.

Maximize visibility and share accountability between both stakeholders.


A knowledge-base for self service

Track trends, predict team performance and take data driven decisions to hit your support targets with customizable Team Dashboards 

1-click insights with Curated reports

Track trends, predict team performance and take data driven decisions to hit your support targets with customizable Team Dashboards 

Generate custom reports 

Bring in the charting capabilities of a powerful BI tool.

Build custom reports and draw deeper insights from your support.metricsDashboards