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SolsAIt is AI driven bot within social apps or platforms or websites which provides various services such as Discover Product, Find Nearby Store with Stock, Buy Online, Member Management, eVouchers and more. SolsBot can seamlessly run and integrate information from various mediums including website, social media and messaging services.


Key Features

Customer Retention: Increase interactivity with customers through digital services


Seamless Integrations: Seamless integration with systems such as O2O to provide services such as size measurement and try on requests at stores or CRM or POS systems


Artificial Intelligence: Maintaining customer preferences to offer relevant products or offers 

Dynamic Host: Can be hosted on various social media platforms like Facebook, social messaging apps  like LINE or company website 

On-demand Customisation: Customisable to ensure maximum value delivery


E-receipt: Share receipt from store or online when an purchase happen



Freshteams is an integrated Career and Employ Management platform. It manages candidates right from application stage to their journey in the company. Onboarding, Employ management and Payroll are all included.


Key Features

Career site linked to central platform.


When we post job in fresh team, it will push to linked in. Job db and career site


Candidate journey from start to on boarding is tracked


Contracts offer letter all managed here