Datum Auto Farm

Ramping up farm production isn’t easy. Autofarm utilities IoT sensors as well as satellite data to create a technological solution: precision agriculture and the “smart farm.”

Lightweight & Portable

Waterproof & Rugged (IP66)

Long-lasting Battery


Mobile Data

Humidity Range

Soil Temperature Range

Soil PH & Quality


How does it works?

Machine data collects and analyses data for the farmer. Combined with efficient weather forecast, the data significantly improves the results and decreases dependence on natural parameters.

Pest control

Sensors captures presence of pests along with the intensity & congestion area


Wireless sensing of critical measures like temperature, humidity, soil moisture

Crop specific

Get insights specific to every crop that you manage and maximise yeild and profits

Efficient irrigation

Track rain & automate optimized water flow to reduce cost and improve results

Remote monitoring

Smart automated systems increase yields and reduce effort for agriculture

Product Specification


Touch IC IT7220  G+F
Touch typefull touch
Motorflat motor
Screen1.3inch, TFT  IPSwhole perspective
Bluetooth antennaOn-board antenna
Battery typepolymer
Battery capacity150mAh
Charge modeMagnetic charge


ECGBlood oxygen monitor
HeartbeatSleep monitoring
Movement ( Steps / Distance / Calorie)Sedentary reminder