Datum Nojamy

A low-cost comprehensive approach for remote congestion monitoring in various establishments including offices, stores, eateries and places of worship. The platform constantly collects data for various congestion levels and aims to utilize Machine Learning to provide predictive estimates of crowd build up.

Lightweight & Portable

Mobile Data


Sensitivity Tracking

Temperature Range

Waterproof & Rugged (IP66)

Long-lasting Battery

Storage Memory

How does it works?

Nojamy is a novel platform designed to estimate, predict and relay congestions real time and  comprehensively. It aims to synergistically combine technologies like IoT, Machine Learning and Real Time Tracking mechanisms to achieve a socially acceptable yet dependable ecosystem for monitoring congestion.

Real time entry / exit timing

Alarm both on site and at HQ

Alert if congestion level is breached

Data sent to server for analysus

Alerts if rate of congestion increase is high

Product Specification


Touch IC IT7220  G+F
Touch typefull touch
Motorflat motor
Screen1.3inch, TFT  IPSwhole perspective
Bluetooth antennaOn-board antenna
Battery typepolymer
Battery capacity150mAh
Charge modeMagnetic charge


ECGBlood oxygen monitor
HeartbeatSleep monitoring
Movement ( Steps / Distance / Calorie)Sedentary reminder