Datum Smart Light

Ensure efficient lighting system based on need rather than timelines. Can be monitored and controlled through a combination of predictive mechanism as well as individual preferences.

Lightweight & Portable

Waterproof & Rugged (IP66)

Long-lasting Battery



Sunrise and sunset sensor

How does it works?

Lighting controlled by lux sensors as well as satellite data for weather. Lights can be auto switched on as per the weather forecast of individual preferences remotely.

Adjust brightness

Adjust brightness of the lights in your room


Wireless sensing of critical measures

Set schedules

Set custom schedules to the rooms according to use and time

Remote on-off

Operate all the lights remotely through the mobile app

Product Specification


Touch IC  IT7220  G+F
Touch type full touch
Motor flat motor
Screen 1.3inch, TFT  IPSwhole perspective
Resolution 240*240
Flash 64M
Blutooth BLE4.0
Bluetooth antenna On-board antenna
Battery type polymer
Battery capacity 150mAh
Charge mode Magnetic charge


Temperature BP
ECG Blood oxygen monitor
Heartbeat Sleep monitoring
Movement ( Steps / Distance / Calorie) Sedentary reminder